Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Murphy strikes again

A perfect example of minority rule is a baby in the house.-- Milwaukee Journal

As luck would have it, Corbin woke up in a GREAT mood this morning. Yup...didn't get up until heard me...6:30!! If you had asked me 6 months ago if I would be excited about this time of morning..I would have laughed in your face. Well, I probably would have been snoring, but I hit the snooze button at least 3 times at this specific hour every weekday morning. Not anymore..and I can't believe he actually slept in! He finally woke me up by talking to this small aquarium at the bottom of his mobile. He just discovered it THIS morning...I walked in his room, rolled him over, and he laughed, laughed, laughed.......That little shit!

So before we had children, I considered myself a pretty lucky person. Everything, well..most everything, in life just fell into place. I followed my gut and things just went my way. Until we had a baby. It seems that Murphy's law seems to ramp up right as the universe realizes that you have way more at stake. I'm thinking it's called Mother's Law, not Murphy..because Murphy doesn't screw everything's those freakin' kids. When becoming a mother, just know that if something will go wrong, a way of figuring it out just as you think you have it all figured out!

Our sweetie has set himself on a pretty strict schedule for the past month to two months. I could time it perfectly..what time he would get sleepy, what time he would wake up, and he had not disappointed me yet. He wakes up religiously between 6:00-6:15am laughing away and his best time of day is between 11:00am-12:30pm. Judging on this fact, I booked our wedding photographer to do our first family photo as a gift for Richard for Father's day. (He had the choice of stocking his wine fridge, going to the Whitewater rafting park in Charlotte, or a family photo..he chose the photo..what a guy!) So I told her to be there at 11:30am originally, but then changed it to 11am since he was doing so well. So yesterday came...and of course, Corbin wakes up SCREAMING at 5am. URGH!

We got almost exactly one month off from the screaming...he's currently teething, so many a days, he's just in a lovely mood. I can't say I blame him, but seriously, its my sanity at stake,not his. So 5am..screaming...we tried to let him put himself to sleep, but it just kept getting worse. Of course, Richard was all "what's the big deal, it's only an hour". ONLY AN HOUR!!! Oh..he'll find out about "only an hour". Finally, we went to try and calm him go..and we just went ahead and fed him. Our next course of action was to try and keep him up until his next scheduled nap time...we tried a walk..not in a stroller, but in the go. He passed out hanging off the front of me around 8am. CRAP! Soooo, maybe he'll surprise us and just sleep through since he was up an hour go. Up at 9:30am and still cranky as all hell. Who would have thought this would be easy..teething and of course, his first cold. So we slam him down in front of the crack! Baby Einstein blaring.."jump, jump"...always puts him in a good mood. AND it worked..wahoo! I thought perhaps we had just pulled off the stunt of a lifetime UNTIL...our lady showed up at 11:30am instead of our revised 11am. So the combo of Corbin's early nap and her late arrival did not make for a pretty picture. Long story short..she had to stay through a 30 minute snoozer and he was nice enough to shell out a few smiles afterwards right before the close of his show and back to the order of the day...screaming.

This display of untimely sweetness..on the day after our snapshot of our current lives...has me thinking. I truly thought, complete with conversation with Sally, that I had suddenly become a natural. I woke up one morning to find this young woman who had blossomed into a mother. Honestly, I was rocking Corbin to sleep one night...yup screaming..and when he puked all down the front of me..I lifted, wiped, set back down, and back to rocking without any hesitation to the nasty feeling of drool/milk running down the inside of my shirt. I had this thing down. So I thought. Then he threw me a curve ball. I think this is just how it goes and I'm still on the learning curve. It's not like a job as a financial analyst, where every 23rd or so of the month, you pull the P&Ls, analyze them, correct them, and predict future expenses. Pretty predictable..easy to master...not much to it after you figure out your niche. Now, I've been thrown into the deep end of a job much less glamorous, but with way more reward.

So as I walked into Corbin's room on this happy baby day...he had somehow learned to cross the crib and was staring into his lil' aquarium, telling his dreams to the fishies. I couldn't help, but smile. I rolled him over to whisper good morning and when I came into focus, he shot me a grin as big as his face would allow. He chatted me up for a minute then started playing with the fishies again as I got his breakfast ready. He let me change his diaper and onesie with no fuss, which never happens..even giggled as I pulled his arms out since I was tickling him by accident. He took his bottle with no problem, burped with no argument, not a drop of spit up to follow each one....and finished by reading I love you, Stinky Face with his mommy. And there we were, 24 hours later and all right in the world, thinking about how wonderful it was....just to be followed by his usual Niagara Falls gush...and OH, the universe was back to normal!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My inspiration

Thanks to the inspiration of my friend, Emily, I made this video to show all the good things that have happened in the past 5 months. Hers was for her son's 1 year and was way cooler, but I'm sure I'll make another. At first, I claimed it would be a Father's Day present, but seriously..who am I kidding. It was all for me :) I feel like all I do is b*tch about motherhood on this thing. I don't mean to, but I guess its partially for therapy and partially to give an accurate picture of what its really like to be a mother. There really is no way I could ever describe to you what it is truly like to become a parent. Its something you have to feel on your own time and in your own way. Starting with having a child ;) But all though the past five months have been a huge transition for us, this video represents what I feel it is like to be a mother. I'm sure in 20 years all Corbin will hear about is how he cried for what felt like 4 months straight, but in all honesty...this is what really mattered. :) So here's to you Corbs..making me the happiest woman in the world for 5 months and for 5 million to come. :) :)

P.S. - To a "parent" eye, these pictures don't all look the same...but to the normal naked eye, they might..ha ha! It's a mommy thing..Enjoy!!